Small, white, polyresin skull with center crystal cluster and a beautiful blanket layer of clear crystals on top.


made to order, crystals formations will vary 


Keyhole mount in the back


 7 inches wide x 8 3/4 inches tall


PLEASE NOTE: the crystals on the skull are pretty tough and they've been sealed to the skull as well as possible but knocking, bumping, and dropping can damage and break the crystals.  Treat this as a fragile item.  Handle the skull as seldom as possible and avoid getting it wet.  Do NOT use cleaning products on the skull.  It is normal for a few of the smaller crystals to release and fall off once in a while.


MADE TO ORDER - please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping


*please feel free to email us if you have further questions about this product

*colors can be displayed differently on individual computer monitors.


Crystalline FAUX Cow Skull - 5 colors